Barbara Albuquerque


Quite a few years ago I started doing photomanipulation in Corel. Then I found out
about Photoshop, and a new world open to me. Since the start, my work  has been about
the  fantasy theme.
From some time ago, I became a freelance, doing work as a digital artist for clients
around the planet.
I´ve being doing art, ranging from 2D Painting, 2D Animation to User Interface for
games. My weapons of choice are photoshop, a intuos4 wacom , and my good


The themes that i´m most found of is Fantasy, mystical, creatures, mythology and scif-fi
To create something beautiful out of nothing, it´s something that astonish me. That’s
why a love digital art.
To open my horizons, I´m starting to learn new stuff like 3D Modeling and texturing in
SofImage ( blame Gonçalo for that).


I´m open to freelance work so feel free to contact me if you need to know more about
rates or availability.