Gonçalo Sousa


My name is Gonçalo Sousa. I'm a professional illustrator and concept artist, and I have experience with digital mediums, in several categories. Being it 2D areas like Digital Painting, MattePainting, Pixel Art, Concept Art, or  3D areas like Moddeling, UV creation, Texturing, Rigging, and Animation. I also have experience with assets for game engines like Unity, be it for computer, consoles or mobile platforms, and some basics on Unity itself at programming level.


I'm primarily a sci-fi/fantasy artist, but I am well capable in other areas. I work mostly with Adobe Photoshop to create my paintings. For 3D moddeling, rigging, animation I use Softimage|XSI and 3D Studio Max. UV edition with Headus UVlayout. 3D painting with cinema4d|Bodypaint.

I'm also a big movie and video game adept, and working on both types of media is like a dream. Nothing strikes me as more interesting than the ability to visualize and create characters, creatures, vehicles, and environments for others to experience and/or interact with.


I'm always accepting commission requests, so if you feel inclined to inquire about pricing or anything else, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm open to other job opportunites as well, beyond the standard commission.